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Current Projects

Within the framework of our advisory activities and educational offers, we repeatedly hear about social grievances and problems that do not only affect individual women. Their causes can also be found in established sexist views, in traditional misogynous world views, in patriarchal social structures, state and economic systems.


Because these grievances cannot be solved individually, we develop projects with the aim of initiating social change processes, breaking taboos and making issues public. We want to create opportunities and conditions that enable women to become socially active in a networked manner and in solidarity. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on concepts of self-help and empowerment.


We are currently implementing the self-help project "Nûjîn - New Life" and the community-based project "Women's Worlds - Intercultural Mobile Narrative and Theme Café".


Nûjîn - New Life

The war of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East has cost many people their lives, many were kidnapped, tortured or forced to flee. Hundreds of thousands are affected by the consequences of this violence. The war of the IS is directed in a special way against women, thousands of Êzid women have been kidnapped and held in captivity. Many women who have survived the IS violence have fled to Europe in the hope of finding security and much support here. Often, however, the support is insufficient and there are many obstacles that make life here difficult. The accommodation in the asylum procedure and the individualised way of life often lead to unwanted isolation and isolation, which has a negative effect on the psychological situation of those affected.


With the project Nûjîn - New Life we want to contribute to a stable living situation for refugee women. We want to overcome isolation and provide practical first aid, especially through regular exchanges of experience with other women from the same ethnic communities.

By setting up self-help groups, we want to overcome the existing isolation of those affected, strengthen the social network among themselves, provide professional help and thus pave the way for a new life. Nearby, Kurdish-speaking women meet regularly and exchange information, plan joint activities and receive professional support from the project staff in solidarity with women.


Further information and dates can be found on the current flyer and in the section events.


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Women's Worlds

Intercultural Mobile Storytelling- and Theme Café

With the Intercultural Mobile Storytelling and Theme Café "Frauenwelten" we want to create a low-threshold meeting place for women, which offers women of different origins and cultures living in the region a space to establish neighbourly contacts among women over tea, coffee and pastries.

The café will be open once a month for 3 hours locally in Linz am Rhein. The narrative and theme café "Frauenwelten" will be mobile in the district and nationwide. Once a month the corresponding events will take place, for example, in existing welcome cafés or women's meetings in the region.

In the sense of a narrative and theme café, the topics are prepared thematically. For example, women can tell stories about their lives, report on a difficulty they have mastered or bring along a short film that has moved them in a special way.

In addition to the contributions of the women themselves, experts from the region are invited to speak on various topics, e.g. about the social and school system, dealing with authorities, educational issues, addiction prevention, trauma and stress management, women and their jobs, women's health or domestic violence. Topics are taken up that also concern women with and without experience of flight and migration.


The café is accompanied by language mediators with different language skills. In this way, women who have not yet learned the German language can also express themselves and participate. Contact persons for professional advice and support are on site.

In order to reduce structural and personal obstacles to participation in the café, a transport service will be set up. In order to enable mothers with small children in particular to participate, there is always childcare on site.


Further information and dates can be found on the current flyer and in our calendar.


The project is supported by





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