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Cultural Activities

Culture means an active social coexistence. Literature, music, games, dance, theatre or film - people come together and exchange ideas through cultural activities. Every single person goes in search of their own expression and finds themselves in others. As a meeting place, it is a special concern of ours to promote the cultural and artistic expression of each individual. We want to make it possible for everyone to get to know and rediscover their many talents.


Until today, those who "master" the book, film, theatre and music business are mainly men. Women and children often lack the examples and thus also the courage to approach a writing, an instrument or other creative activities. With our cultural activities, we want to contribute to the children taking the stage and women's voices being the focus of attention.


Rainbow Children's Festival

The Rainbow Children's Festival takes place every year in May/June and is a colourful highlight in the annual activities of the women's meeting place UTAMARA e.V. A day in the country, where the children with their talents and their dreams are the centre of attention. The stage is filled by groups of children and individual talents, the children take part in small competitions, can take part in various activities and games and move freely in the park. Giant soap bubbles and make-up make the beautiful day perfect for the families.


The aim of the event is to give children the opportunity to express their abilities and cultural identities without discrimination, without violence and in diversity. The festival should also contribute to making offers that strengthen and protect children known and accessible. We therefore invite regional actors to help shape the festival, to make offers for children and to offer families the opportunity to inform themselves and network.


Current information and dates can be found in our calendar.


Book project: Every woman has a story

"From the first day you remember back to the present day, write what you have experienced, experienced or seen. We will publish these precious writings so that the world may know that women are rising up, that women are fighting, that women are rebelling, that women can be free, and that women are living revolution in every area of their lives, and bring forth this revolution of women writers, the revolution of literature, and make it a gift to humanity and all oppressed peoples. - was stated in our 2014 appeal.


Since then, three books entitled "Every woman has a story" have been published by UTAMARA, full of poems, stories and narratives by women. They inspire, touch, build connections and create networks - they let us sense the closeness of women's lives to each other or even immerse ourselves in completely different worlds of life. Every woman writes in her own way and with her own language.


Women and girls can submit poems and stories that

- were written by women or girls

- have never been published

- are about women, their lives and their life stories

- are not longer than five A4 pages

- are written in German, Kurdish, Turkish or English


Send the works with your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and if possible with a short CV and photos to


Frauenbegegnungsstätte UTAMARA e.V.

"Every woman has a story"

In der Stehle 26

53547 Kasbach-Ohlenberg


Fax: +49 2644-602426

e-mail: info(a)


As soon as enough are together, a new book will be compiled, printed and presented to the public by the staff of the women's meeting place.

The books published in recent years can be ordered from UTAMARA in writing or by e-mail and purchased for a nominal charge of 10 €.


Saz course for women

Saz or Tambûr is a long-necked lute that is spread from the Balkans to Afghanistan. Up to ten women from the region practice playing the instrument together every week. The course is aimed at beginners and will start in summer 2019.


It is possible to join the existing course or to open an additional music group.




Frauenbegegnungsstätte UTAMARA e.V.

In der Stehle 26

53547 Kasbach-Ohlenberg

Tel: +49 (0) 2644 602424


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