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Education and Prevention

The emancipation of women and intercultural coexistence are considered indicators of contemporary social development. Although important progress has been made in these areas over the past decades, there are still major deficits. A high stress level in everyday life has a negative effect on women's health as well as on their social relationships. Often they can only actively contribute a fraction of their skills and qualifications to social and cultural developments. This applies in particular to their participation in social, political and private decision-making processes.


Against this background, the women's meeting place UTAMARA e.V. wants to promote the exchange and coexistence of women, girls and children with different cultural and social backgrounds with leisure and further education offers.



Women's courses

With our women's courses we offer a low-threshold language course that is oriented towards the everyday life and situation of women. Together, the basics of the German language can be learned and practiced. Previous knowledge is not necessary.


Participation is open to women* with a history of flight and migration who have been living in Germany for a longer period of time or have recently arrived. The courses last 34 hours and take place regularly once a week. Women can participate in a total of 3 courses.


With the courses we also want to contribute to the strengthening of women's rights, the prevention of violence, protection against domestic violence as well as to the strengthening of the educational competence of mothers. We offer the following topics as holiday intensive courses in our conference house in Kasbach-Ohlenberg:


- "Who am I and how do I want to live?" - Migration and identity

- "Ecological, healthy and balanced living" - coping with stress in everyday life

- "Mother to Child" - parenting skills

- "Religion, tradition and women" - Gender roles


For registration or questions please contact us personally, by phone or e-mail.

Since 2014 we have been supporting the women's courses. These low-threshold seminar measures for the integration of foreign women are supported by


Holiday offers

The conference house in the rural area offers a good opportunity for many to leave the daily stress behind and gain new strength. In order to give many people access to this place of recreation, which also offers an opportunity for personal development and further education, the women's meeting place UTAMARA e.V. organises regular holiday programmes for women, girls and children.


During the summer holidays, we often organize a one-week summer education camp for mothers with children. Women can take part in seminars there on various topics such as self-confidence and self-defence, women's history, parenting skills, drug prevention, etc. For the children, however, there is a separate programme of workshops on self-assertion or social media, for example. Together, there are excursions to the swimming pool or to the riding school. The groups spend time in nature, go hiking in the forest, do handicrafts or spend the evening around a campfire.


Summer camps for children also take place during the summer holidays. There, children aged 7 - 13 years can spend up to three carefree summer days at UTAMARA. The program includes workshops and joint leisure activities such as self-defense, swimming, snip hunting and baking bread at the campfire.


Holiday education camps on various topics are also often held for young women as part of projects. With a balanced programme of workshops and leisure activities, UTAMARA offers girls and young women an extracurricular, collective learning and experiential space.


Current dates can be found in the calendar.



In order to develop an emancipated, free and creative personality as a woman, strength, security and self-confidence are important foundations. That is why we regularly offer self-defence workshops, in which women and girls can strengthen their own self-confidence and practice a self-confident appearance. Communication, the gaze, the voice and gestures play just as much a role as techniques for self-defence and the training of de-escalating behaviour.

With the workshops we strengthen the self-confidence of women for the power that lies within them and for the fact that they have the right and the possibilities to defend themselves against assaults and border-crossing. For the girls, topics such as bullying and hate speech in school, surroundings and social media are also covered.

The workshops are offered as weekend and day workshops or as trial courses for women, girls and children.


Frauenbegegnungsstätte UTAMARA e.V.

In der Stehle 26

53547 Kasbach-Ohlenberg

Tel: +49 (0) 2644 602424


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